Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I straighten out my bolo cords?
-When bolos are shipped or stored, they may initially come with bends in the cord. To straighten the cord, grasp it tightly between your index finger & your thumb, & slide down the cord all the way to the metal tips. Keep repeating this process until your cords are straight! The heat from your hands helps coax the leather back into its original position, but do be careful of rope burn :~)

2. How do I pull off a bolo tie?
- Treat it like a statement necklace! Bolos can be worn traditionally (tightly at the neck), or lower down like mid-long necklace. Another tip is layering your bolo with a choker or a few gold/silver chains. Remember: the beauty of the bolo is its versatility! 

3. What happens if I break my piece or get it dirty?
- I offer free repairs and cleanings for life! All you need to do is reach out to me in the contact section, send your piece in, and I'll send it back bright and shiny.
*Note: If the piece has irreparable damage, shoot me a message & I'll be happy to work with you by either changing up your piece a bit, or making something new at a reduced cost.

4. Can I buy Studio // Blue Jeanne in other stores?
Yes! Catch us in Denver Fashion Truck. Soon you can find us in Mill + Gray in Lake Charles, LA.