Welcome to Studio // Blue Jeanne.


Meet The Maker
I'm Sarah King (she/her/hers), the owner and maker of Studio Blue Jeanne. I live in Denver, CO and am a firm believer in the power of creative outlets; this shop is mine. As a social worker by trade, I spends my days working for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) on a policy level, aiming to enact systemic changes that support the autonomy of individuals with IDD. I am also a musician in my spare time, and have been singing and playing guitar since I was a child. I started making jewelry after learning the basics from my aunt Jeanne, who taught me how to live as authentically as possible in a time when I needed it most. With jewelry making, I am enamored by the technical side of construction, the intrigue of distinctive design, and the inspiration that stems from my own personal journeys and those of others. I am an empath, a creative, and an optimist.
Earring Inspiration
My earrings are driven by the interrelation of light, air, and water, and negative space. Each pair of earrings is lightweight & carries at least one element of all three~ Neutrals of black and brass, and a splash of green mimic earth tones that hold all of us each day. Negative space highlights the beauty and growth that comes from stillness and silence. Though uncomfortable at times, these moments are when we prosper and bloom. When you wear these pieces, remind yourself of the essentials that surround and support you and to give them great care.

The Making Process
Each piece is designed and handcrafted with its owner in mind, and I often rely on metalsmithing and lapidary techniques to create high-quality, one-of-a-kind statement pieces. The most common materials I use are sterling silver, brass, hand-blown glass beads, pearls, and stones. The majority of the new bolo ties have been hand-cut and polished from stone slab, using either rough rocks that I've discovered while rockhounding in the west, or have purchased from another small business. All brass ear wire is gold-plated in hypoallergenic 24k gold, and all shells from the
Roots collection are collected along beaches in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

Live Like Jeanne
In 2016, I moved to Missoula, Montana to live with my Aunt Jeanne. Jeanne always found deep joy in giving, finding humor in each day, and being as authentic as possible. That summer she introduced me to one of her passions, jewelry making, and I haven’t stopped since. Jeanne's presence and sunny outlook on life greatly shaped who I am as a person. I now frequently find myself thinking, “live like Jeanne," and it's made my life so much more enjoyable. Jeanne died of cancer in April 2017, but her spirit never will. My Business is my tribute to her for modeling how to be such a golden, passionate human. When you wear my pieces, remind yourself to act generously, be a little wild, and to laugh as much as possible.

Purpose Driven
A main part of our mission is to give back to social causes. Check out our Roots // Shell Jewelry Collection. Over $1,500 worth of proceeds from this collection's sales were donated to the Community Foundation of SWLA for Hurricane Laura Relief.